Our Story


Experience counts

Decades of Commitment, Service, and Innovative Developments.

For over a quarter century, UBTOS USA, Inc. has endured through the ever-changing industry of surveillance, system integration, and consumer technological advances. When a company stays true to its founding ideas and principles, you will see a company that has deep roots in the industry that it serves. UBTOS USA, Inc.  is that company.

Initially an R&D (Research & Development) Company with a staff of 8 engineers, UBTOS USA Inc. started by creating the first-ever compression/decompression (CODEC) technology for facsimile and video data transmission decades ago. Throughout the years, the aforementioned CODEC system has been adopted by the digital surveillance industry, enabling various manufacturers to create standalone digital surveillance recorders (DVRs), which has been a big part of the CCTV/surveillance evolution. 

With a strong foundation in engineering, UBTOS USA, Inc. has added another focus to its mission: To provide consumers with the latest, innovative everyday products that will make your life both safe, easy and comfortable. Please check out our suite of consumer products available through our retail channel partners.