Integrater Profiles

About Profiles

The back of the profile is manufactured from an opaque plastic and can be produced in different colors. To the rear you can attach a standard profile from the all kind of range, allowing the ESL to be fitted to all standard shelving systems. The front is manufactured from a transparent plastic which protects the ESL. The front and back of the ESL profiles are joined with a hinge connector which snaps shut. This protects the internal conductor and the ESL from contact, moisture and dust.

The Integrated Series - The New Dimension in Electronic Shelf Labeling

No more battery changes! The ultrathin integrated labels are powered by electrically conducting profiles. The profiles cover the electronic labels fully and protect them from access of third parties.

Integrated ESL Key Features

  • The Integrated ESL are available in four different sizes: 1.54”, 2.13”, 2.9” and 4.2”

  • Each ESL can be mounted in a suitable profile

  • Profiles can be supplied in lengths to suit your shelves

  • Display resolution 104 x 212 pixels at 111dpi (2,1”).

  • The display screen can be fully configured using the supplied software

  • ESL units with a solid front panel are protected from moisture and dust whilst in the profiles


Profile Models

Shelf Edge Backing Profile

These are from our standard range of backing profiles, enabling you to fit the ESL profiles to a wide range of popular shelves. The backing profiles are securely fixed to the ESL profiles. You can also fit the ESL to other surfaces and display units using the wide variety of fixing options available in the full range.




The flexibility of the ESL display is ideal for incorporating into various retail display such as acrylic poster stands, allowing you to promote prices alongside larger advertising in traditional print mediums. The ESL can be housed in material up to 1.5 mm thick.


Our partner can offer a wide range of products that can be used to display the ESL in a variety of places at the point of sale.

The Universal Connector fixes the troniTAG ESL to the products shown below (plus more from our range).